Sunday, May 31, 2009

Cheryl Renee Herbsman. BREATHING

It seems fitting that I finished this book during my visit to Tennessee & Georgia. The southern dialect in the book matched the dialect of the people I encountered. I felt that I was literally in the setting of the book. Lovely.
Savannah usually spends her summer working at the library and studying SAT prep materials. She’s determined to get out of her small coastal Carolina town and go away to college. But this summer, she gets an unexpected distraction. She meets her soul mate and his name is Jackson. He’s staying with his cousins for a while. He’s cute, perfect and she falls hard for him. Savannah also has asthma, but since having Jackson around, she seems to be able to breathe easier. But after a few weeks together, Jackson has to go back home. The drama of losing him causes Savannah to have major breathing problems, literally and figuratively.
If you aren’t familiar with the dialect, it may be quite unusual at first or hard to get used to. It wasn’t for me, because I know people who speak in this southern dialect. So, it may or may not be your cup of tea. But it totally fit the characters and setting. It felt true. And the cover! Wow! It really captures the tone of the book. It’s wonderful.
I cherished every bit of this book. I loved the characters, the setting, the voice, everything! If you enjoy a love story, you'll love it.

I think this is the author's first book. I'm looking forward to more from her. Here's her website.

Sunday, May 24, 2009


Vlad made it through 8th grade (if you missed the review see here). He learned a lot from Otis and almost lost his life. But some things never change. He's in high school and the two bullies who pushed him around in middle school continue to give him trouble. Also, Vlad's no closer to officially calling Meredith his girlfriend. But he does receive a bit of good news from Otis. He's going to get to spend winter break with him in Siberia training with a special vampire family friend. When he finds out a vampire slayer is in town, he's glad to take part in any training that may help save his life.
I'm liking this one even more. We're learning more about the vampire secret world, as well as Vlad's part in it. The fact that he's half-human, half-vampire comes into play more in this book. Since he was actually born (not made into a vampire), this seems to make a huge difference. Whether that is a good thing or a bad thing-you must read for yourself! Plus, there are several other surprises in store in this one.
I'm now anxiously awaiting TENTH GRADE BLEEDS, which is due out end of June.
By the way, even with Vlad entering high school, this is still middle school appropriate.

Check out the author's website.

And of course, the trailer is very cool, again produced by DeviantArt

Trailer - Ninth Grade Slays by *mree on deviantART

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Elizabeth Scott. SOMETHING, MAYBE

And you think you’re parents were embarrassing when you were a teen? Um, probably not so much after reading this book. Hannah would probably hide what her mom does for a living, if she could, but since she does it online, that’s not really a option. Her mom dated an aging rock star years ago and became famous for it, among other things. Anyway, when Hannah and her mom first moved to Slaterville several years back, they gave her a lot of grief for her infamous parents. She learned to stay under the radar, so people eventually left her alone. Now in high school, she feels like she’s met her soul mate in Josh. Surely, he would realize it too, once he got to know her better. But this other guy, Finn, keeps getting in the way. She works with both of them. Josh is her dream guy and Finn is an annoying jerk. When Josh finally asks her out, she’s in heaven. Is he really the dream guy she imagined or is he someone else?
I really enjoyed this love story. It’s funny and real. There is an authenticity to the writing. In fact, it brought me back to some distinct moments in my life as a teen. Hannah’s teen emotions feel fresh, not cynical. There are things going on that I can’t say without spoiling it, but you feel her naiveté and remember when you felt that way. (or if you’re still a teen-hopefully you still feel that way)
This was a real joy to read! Can’t wait to read more from Elizabeth Scott.

I've heard that PERFECT YOU is awesome too:
For more on the author & her books click here for her website.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Yay! I’ve been waiting on this sequel to AIRHEAD. In the beginning we find Em (Nikki) adjusting to her new life, somewhat. She really has no choice but to follow all of her orders as spokesmodel and official face of Stark Industries. Her typical job is modeling Stark Superstores clothing while doing commercials for Stark brand laptops. And if you remember from book 1, she is basically a corporate slave to Stark or else they will throw her family in jail. So even though flying around the world to model in tropical locations may sound glamorous to you, there is a down side. Em’s every single move is monitored. Her apartment is bugged. Her laptop and cell phone are bugged. Her family’s homes and cell phones are bugged. You name it – bugged. So she can't really spend much time with her family or her old life, otherwise Stark will get suspicious.

Anyway, Em is doing the best she can to remain normal. She's going to school and trying to begin a relationship with her old best friend. She’s been doing a decent job of fooling everyone. Until now. Nikki’s brother shows up out of the blue and he might be the one person she isn’t able to fool. To complicate things, he brings up some serious questions about the way Nikki died. Perhaps Stark isn’t being as honest as everyone would like…

I loved this sequel! It surprised me with some mysteries and discoveries. I'm really getting attached to some of the characters. Plus, it's mighty hysterical in parts. It leaves you eagerly awaiting the sequel, which will be called RUNAWAY according to the teaser in the back of the book.
Highly Recommended for a ton of fun!

Remember, you MUST read the first one to understand & enjoy this one.

To enjoy more of Meg Cabot & her books click here for her website.

Saturday, May 2, 2009


So, I’m a little late getting on the bus with this one. It’s been out a few years, and yes, I had heard of it. It was on my list all this time. (I mean, the title alone made it mandatory reading!) Anyway, here goes:
Eighth grade is bad enough for Vladimir Tod. Bullies bother him, the principal has a grudge against him and the girls he likes seems to be after his best friend. But as if the “normal” junior high angst isn’t enough, he has a big secret to worry about. He’s half human, half vampire. His parents were killed a few years back, so he lives with his guardian, Nelly. Fortunately Nelly is a nurse and has access to blood to nourish Vlad. The only other person that knows his secret is his best friend, Henry. So basically Vlad is on his own dealing with the cravings, the fighting to keep his fangs from showing, the unusual abilities he has and his unknown future. Until one day when a substitute teacher leaves him a note saying he knows his secret. Who is this strange teacher, and is he after Vlad? Did he kill his parents?
This book fools you. In the beginning, you feel like it might be light fun. But as you go along, it gets more intense and more suspenseful. Plus, as the first book in the series, it feels like a big teaser for even more. I was left wanting to immediately read book two.* And now I see that there is a book three! YAY.

Random comment: I don't normally post a picture of the back of a book. But really, this is the first time I've seen such a cool setup. The front has a picture~and not the exact title, more the title of the series, and the author isn't even mentioned until the back. Really cool & different. Let's give props to the author for letting them put her name on the back!

*Book two will have to wait. I have another super secret advance copy sequel from another author that I must read right now!!

Ms. Heather Brewer has a really cool website, check it out here.

Also, take a look at the stellar anime book trailer below.

Flash Movie: Vladimir Tod by *mree on deviantART